Happy Birthday Dave!

Happy Birthday Dave!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 – Today David would have turned 34 years old.
There are always many messages that friends and family still leave on his Facebook profile.
One post in particular caught my eye, a video from Aleajandro Toledo’s YouTube channel. It was shared by Pasquale – David’s dad – and I want to share it in turn with those who will read this article.
It is simply a sequence of fading images on “Beautiful Patterns,” a piece by Magic Tombolinos, nothing special or spectacular, just a series of photographs put together. Intense moments like memories of concerts, parties, or scenes of everyday life…. One photo after another Alejandro told a few pieces of a life made up of emotions, sacrifices, love, happiness, pain, joy and above all friendship.

I caught all this, maybe it will be my personal interpretation, but I want to thank those who gave me 3 minutes and 40 seconds full of David. Thank you Pasquale and thank you Alejandro!



Full Attack Band – Beautiful Patterns
Davide Lufrano Chaves: Guitar
Alejandro Toledo: Sax + Vocals
Maurizio Pala: Accordion

Il post Facebook di Pasquale

Il video sul canale YT di Alejandro Toledo