Davide Lufrano Chaves

A performer, teacher and composer, he was the guitarist in Alejandro Toledo’s world music band The Magic Tombolinos; with Edina Balczó front-man of the flamenco/rumba guitar duo de Fuego; with accordionist Maurizio Pala in the project Tango Porteño; and Latin rock guitarist with singer-songwriter Surianne…

Numerous charitable initiatives are taking place in recent years in David’s name and memory. Fundraising in favor of associations such as Myeloma UK British Myeloma Association, ADMO Bone Marrow Donor Association, AIL Italian Leukemia Association.

The G. Verdi of Prato, in collaboration with the Camerata Strumentale “Città di Prato,” holds an annual national guitar competition to promote new talent. The artists are awarded a scholarship provided by the Lufrano family.







“There were multiple dimensions to Davide, and if you were not paying attention, you often missed most of them.”

Alejandro Toledo

Davide su Soundcloud

‘Davide Lufrano Chaves on acoustic guitar.. beautiful guitar lines constantly rippled out through the dense textures of the music like sonic flowers – quite exquisite.’

Glyn Phillips, WorldMusic.co.uk

Dal canale YouTube

“Long time I didn’t play this beautiful classical piece by Francisco Tarrega, so few days ago during practice I recorded an home version.”

Enjoy it! (London, January 2013)


He graduated in classical guitar in 2009 from the Puccini Conservatory of La Spezia as a private student under the guidance of maestro Carlo Mascilli Migliorini. Began studying music at age 8 with classical piano, choir and later guitar at the Verdi Music School…

Full Album “Tango Porteño” free download

Accordionist Maurizio Pala, on his website mauriziopala.com, shares the entire album Tango Porteño on Free Download. The musician of Italian descent, but artistically raised in London, invites donations to Help Musicians and ISM Incorporated Society of Musicians, among others.

Free Download

De Fuego’s CD dedicated to Davide

Edina Balczó continued the De Fuego project with other artists such as Marc Rodriguez Alvarez and Tony Calvo, and produced the duo’s second album, called Davide (released in 2015).

De Fuego su iTunes

David’s music to help leukemia research

The group Alejandro Toledo and The Magic Tombolinos, of which Davide has been a member, puts his new record on iTunes and asks for support for research through a donation to the UK Myeloma Association.

Alejandro su iTunes

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“Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together.”

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